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monky with sweater

  • rose elf
    rose elf

    what happens to misaki :[

  • Arber Shabani
    Arber Shabani

    I need another Episode c'mon

  • Ashton Bell
    Ashton Bell

    Ahh so Robin and his friends went to the Ogres home harrased him to the point where he was forced to leave and then they lived happily ever after

  • D E Λ T H 新 ドラゴン
    D E Λ T H 新 ドラゴン

    0:51 Nice JJBA referance

  • UberKrassMann

    so this is the youtuber everyone's been making craip pr0n of..... mkay.... why does she have so many subs? edit: hold on hold on hold on.... you've been doing this for 6 years and this is how good your animation has gotten? girl! you're lucky that we don't live in a world where talent and success correlates anymore...... OOF..... is it because you're a girl? is that why they all subbed to you? because i'm half way into this and i REALLY don't see it. i could count, just off of the top of my head at least 10 youtube channels way way way better than yours that are just as old with 1/30th your subs. HOW DID YOU MANAGE?!?!?! edit2: i gotta leave.... this is just.... well.... it's something worth about 40k subs after 6 years. that's what it is.

  • Mary Stratford
    Mary Stratford

    me during the parrot's story: IS--IS THAT THE JAPANESE PEACH BOY STORY???

  • Toad625

    I was never able to keep my dogs in the Nintendo 3dd version. I would keep putting them up for adoption. I’ve only managed to keep one dog that I had from the beginning and the dogs name was Baxter.

  • _.jaywentcrzy._ On IG
    _.jaywentcrzy._ On IG

    Need new post

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran

    Eww gross

  • thatoneduckle

    So uhh h- the most random question: is Ari named after the seven year old eraser in Maximum Ride? I'm reading the series and you said you read it so- hAhah Idk if you will respond but yeah, just a question.

  • Cerys Atkinson
    Cerys Atkinson

    My friend went away how Shouwd I express these feelings? The player : I'm sad

  • Kids DeMott
    Kids DeMott


  • VVS. T.S1017
    VVS. T.S1017

    Sr pelo as Pikachu 0:04

  • Op Turtle gaming
    Op Turtle gaming

    You should have done wappy dog


    Waiting for jaiden next video day 32

  • Trebor Fat
    Trebor Fat

    What if she actually taught him that.Just a theory.

  • Allison Pak
    Allison Pak

    Then i bought another MoNkEy

  • oofygamer Vavricak
    oofygamer Vavricak

    Did you know that theodd1sout/James has 16 million subs?

  • Giulia De Marco
    Giulia De Marco

    jaiden you and domics making one video in collaboration

  • Super Lame Gamer
    Super Lame Gamer


  • Lane Whitford
    Lane Whitford

    5:48 this is literally the story of momotaro... but on meth

  • Zach

    Her animations are awsome

  • scince shmince
    scince shmince

    you joined yt when i had my 4th bday

  • Toby Hickman-wilson
    Toby Hickman-wilson


  • Mihika Parashar
    Mihika Parashar

    one of my favourite teachers just died of covid a few days ago and I just found out. watching your videos since then really helped me and now I'm more than just a mess of tears. your videos are funny and helped me get over m teacher death. Thank you so much, you don't know how much of an inspiration you are to me.

  • Jaida Wonders
    Jaida Wonders

    Ngl, I would burn that game if that bird said “You look really hot”

  • Morosan Dominik
    Morosan Dominik


  • mr laser
    mr laser

    Hey ari is close to my birthday ari is april 29th right? And mine is april 30th

  • Pop Soda Pop side’s friend
    Pop Soda Pop side’s friend

    I am so getting *pissed*

  • Evelien Power!
    Evelien Power!

    Yay! I am so happy! Yesterday was my birthday and my parents gave me an ari mug!🥳🎉😁

  • Meme Maker Allyred123
    Meme Maker Allyred123

    Jaiden can you play miitopia it is on the 3ds but it is coming on the switch

  • FlowerPower

    Does someone know what app she used for her animations?

  • HunterTTP

    Love the gamestop GME ape reference @8:17

  • William Harries
    William Harries

    I'm finally taking my own animation classes and now I realize how hard you work for this

  • Dragon Girl Animations
    Dragon Girl Animations

    Aaaa the hamsters

  • Awesome BoyAndrew
    Awesome BoyAndrew

    When are you making another video?😢😢😢

  • Music Kids31
    Music Kids31

    hey jaiden im back

  • Ahmed Adam
    Ahmed Adam

    OH GOT

  • Uzumaki Naruto And Uchiha Sasuke
    Uzumaki Naruto And Uchiha Sasuke

    :3 damn I d Said that to early I’m sad for the hamster cause his friend went away

  • Keegan Blaut
    Keegan Blaut

    Jaiden you prob didn’t know but my class is in a rivalry to see of the oddoneout(idk how to spell XD) and jaiden anime toons and I choose both :3

  • Pop bob 123
    Pop bob 123

    Can you plz do gameplay of lost in blue

  • Sponsor Censor
    Sponsor Censor

    Is ari good

  • Prashant Rana
    Prashant Rana

    i am a replica of jaiden but ennthuasic and a 9 year old

  • Vishnu PM
    Vishnu PM

    Isn't ogre island just momotaro?

  • Muhammad AbuBakar Rathur
    Muhammad AbuBakar Rathur

    It reminds me my childhood memories. Appreciate Nice and clear voice :)

  • David Zea-Smith
    David Zea-Smith

    *he* *cage* *is* *too* *small*

  • Dank Fank
    Dank Fank


  • Dank Fank
    Dank Fank

    This is so dank like and lit like the villain sans squad also known as the dank sans sqaud :3

  • Pokemon Fan
    Pokemon Fan

    Does anyone remember failure from the platinum I’ll trade a lv100 one

  • Leonard Mayuga
    Leonard Mayuga


  • Leonard Mayuga
    Leonard Mayuga

    Jaiden I saw your face at the Mr beast,s 100.000$ 😄

  • Artistically Tayla
    Artistically Tayla

    When you animate yourself you only have colored hair but when you animate other people and things their full self is colored is there a reason why?


    Я из России

  • Rise of Oblivion
    Rise of Oblivion

    I'm a one in 40,000 comments but please check out Zack and wiki quest for barbaross' treasure!!!

  • Claire Rowland
    Claire Rowland

    The fact that the bird says it dislikes you doesn’t make it bad. It makes it entertaining

  • Lois Thompson
    Lois Thompson

    well duh hes bigger than the countertops BECAUSE HES A GORILLA why did autocorrect change it to godzilla at first

  • Bunny

    "𝙄 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪"

  • Jr Rp
    Jr Rp

    Bra you showed the bird the story of momotarō but instead of a peach it was an egg

  • L.A.B family entertainment
    L.A.B family entertainment

    Happy late birthday ari birthday 🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉

  • Salt

    He cage is too small

  • Clara

    Hey jaiden can you play Omori¿

  • Desiree Cosey
    Desiree Cosey

    remember jaiden posting daily? remember jaiden posting weekly? remember jaiden posting mothly? remember jaiden posting yearly? remember jaiden?

  • Elly Coho
    Elly Coho

    i love your videos jaiden

  • funny cat17
    funny cat17

    I know you are busy but I have already wached all of your videos

  • funny cat17
    funny cat17

    Hay jaden can you make more new videos please

  • starkey16

    M o n k e

  • Sita Mehta
    Sita Mehta

    Make a i’m not a video

  • LoomiStorm

    This bird game had me dying of laughter

  • I_Will_Consume_You

    😩🤨✨TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ✨🤨😩

  • Lehoph

    All we jaiden fans care about is when she uploads a video

  • ツLalo

    0:52 haha funny jojo refrence

  • Rudedog 13
    Rudedog 13

    Parrot pals, most family friendly game

  • Henet 8
    Henet 8


  • tam-the-cat

    at this point, I just want to see your reaction to the new cooking mama for the switch (speedrun is optional)

  • astropile 8990
    astropile 8990

    hey jaiden! it’s late april so YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. taxes! and aris birthday -w-

  • Oofer_Studioz :v
    Oofer_Studioz :v

    6:43 *you f***ed my game* - parrot 2021

  • Alexandra Castillo
    Alexandra Castillo

    I'm sorry that my picture was cap

  • Leo Morisse-Corsetti
    Leo Morisse-Corsetti

    im 9 and love your video

  • Commander Black heart
    Commander Black heart

    Seeing as champ is is listed as an orangutang, and given her size, I have deduced that what you have in no normal ape, but a fother mucking gigantopithecus blacki!

  • Tony Evans
    Tony Evans

    If I may ask, what kind of ISdownsr are you? An "all-arounder"?

  • LugiaplayZ 09
    LugiaplayZ 09

    why did you get rid of the Minecraft vid

  • ThePureKnight

    I had nintendog but my stylist broke *RIP stylist*

  • math MT
    math MT

    What happened to the minecraft video

  • RacismGaming Klan
    RacismGaming Klan

    Keep on starving for attention

  • The Neko Katze
    The Neko Katze

    6:47 why do I think about Ant Dude?

  • Leticia Santos
    Leticia Santos

    when you are born in 1999 and i was born in 2011

  • Luke_catt_23

    hey jaiden, if you are seeing this by any chance, i just read your twitch description, why don't you stream more? you could answer questions from people while just showing your animation work. it would be cool to see.

  • Kida Roblox
    Kida Roblox

    The parrots story is a Walmart version of a Japanese folktale I love😂

  • crystalfrombristol

    *he cage is to small*

  • the hamster is my wallpaper
    the hamster is my wallpaper

    So I love hamsters and when you made that hamster depressed I felt so so bad for it for 4 weeks

  • un pibe más en YouTube
    un pibe más en YouTube

    Yo no sé italiano

  • The Spectral Ghost
    The Spectral Ghost

    Jaiden, there is an undertale au where your role is Sans and it is called Painted Plummet

  • Hunting Sunder
    Hunting Sunder

    I can't figure out what the first two "free speech" phrases are for the parrot, but I think the second two are "You can try again." and "You worked really hard." Try listening to them without looking at the subtitles.

  • RacismGaming Klan
    RacismGaming Klan

    Haha keep starving so you can get free money

  • just why
    just why

    aris birth day is in a week or 2

    • just why
      just why

      so see if you can make a video about it, fine if you dont

  • ِ

    Hey your awesome I love your vids pls reply me

  • Kacey Daly
    Kacey Daly

    When new vid

  • joojens

    i had a panda pet game when i was young

  • bradleyy stones
    bradleyy stones

    Ur one of the best youtubers in the world i believe that u can make 20mil subscribers

  • Lara

    My Nintendogs has the same problem... can someone help? 😭

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